21 de fev. de 2017

This Male Spider Is an Oral Sex Champ

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You know how some people complain about having to "waste time" on foreplay\during sex? Well, that's not a problem for the male Darwin's bark spider (Caerostris darwini).
   Found only in Madagascar, the male uses it's mouthpieces to stimulate the female's genitalia before intercourse, and he takes this very seriously:not only this seems to be obligatory (observed in every recorded copulation), this oral attention can occur up to 100 times at each encounter, happening before and after fertilization.
Male stimulating female

 There are still questions around the reason for this extremely rare behavior in arachnids (it was observed in only species of the genus Latrodectus, a.k.a. black widows - although it has not been well documented in these species); the most likely reason according to the researchers would be that males use this technique to demonstrate that they are potential mates. There may still be enzymes present in the saliva that aid in the transmission of sperm or that prevent the success of sperm deposited by other males.
The sexual dimorphism in this species is easily seen: females tend to be 4x larger than males, and so they have developed techniques to monopolize the female and ensure the perpetuation of their genes, such as holding them with web during
copulation, guarding  them and prevent another male from approaching and even "breaking" a part of their own genitalia inside the female genitalia, to prevent another male from copulating. These techniques reinforce the theory that the oral sex so well performed in this species aims to ensure mating and prevent the female from being fertilized by another male.
Sexual dimorfism: Males (on top) typically measure about a quarter of an inch, while females (bottom) can be about four times their size, with a body length of about 1 inc. Credit: Biological Institute ZRC SAZU
 Further studies are still needed to fully understand this behavior, but one thing is for sure: females do not seem to object to receiving this oralstimulation ; even though they are very aggressive animals, they allow the male to do all the ritual he performs even if he can not mate with them later, even though females seem to be "ungrateful" lovers: they eat - literally - the male after copulation. The smaller the male, the greater the chances of him being devoured without even being able to fertilize the female (ie, for this species size does matters). And you thought women were demanding in bed, hã?

Sources: LiveScience / Nature's Original Article
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